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    Mining Future Industry Leader, Expanding Enterprise’s Value

    Sunshine IP assists clients in the intellectual property mining and development of enterprise technology innovation projects, and transforming and realizing commercialization of technological achievements. Our operation team provides the full-cycle consulting service for domestic and foreign clients, helps clients to build full-cycle IP operation principle, improve IP types optimization, trademark distribution, and patent layout,and assists clients to enhance IP overall value, and build high-value IP.

    Jian HUANG

    Director | General Manager of investment

    Xin WANG

    IP Operation Director

    Shengqian BAI

    IP Operation Director


    Juhua WANG

    Finance Director

    Zhaofeng ZHANG

    Assistant of Investment Manager

    Zach Zhu

    VP | Patent attorney

    Shichong PANG

    Patent Analyst | Ph.D

    Li WANG

    Patent Analyst | Ph.D

    Wanyi SUN

    Consultant Expert of commercial affaire

    ??????? Sunshine Intellectual Property Group

    • Tel: +86-10-82870718 / +86-10-84065599?


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      Address:5F,Tower A, Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Building, No.21, A, Haidian South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China, 10080

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